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Evangelizing Catechesis is a Course

Evangelizing Catechesis

Apr 19 - Jun 1, 2021

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Full course description

Evangelizing Catechesis: A study of the new Vatican Directory for Catechesis. Learn how to incorporate evangelization into teaching the faith. A course for Directors and Coordinators of Religious Education, catechists, schoolteachers, adult faith formators, RCIA team members -- anyone who teaches the faith. Starts April 19th. Registration open now..


This course guides students through the new Directory for Catechesis published by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization in 2020. Whereas the Catechism of the Catholic Church provides the content for Catechesis, this document is a guide on "how" to catechize.This new edition of the Directory for Catechesis emphasizes that evangelization is not only the first step in catechesis but rather the proclamation of the gospel should permeate the entire process of teaching the faith.

This course does not count for certification but is offered for continuing professional development and formation. There are no graded asssignments and students can do as much or as little of the course activities as they have time for. Those who complete all course requirements will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Course Activities

Each week, students will read a portion of the Directory and watch a short video presentation that highlights some key ideas from that section. Students will have an opportunity to learn from each other through an online discussion board. This is a key part of the course. There is a great amount of wisdom among those who are engaged in the work of catechesis but few opportunities to tap into that wisdom through sharing insights. In this course, participants will not only learn from the online presenters, they will learn from each other.

Presentations are prerecorded and students can post to the ongoing discussion at anytime. There are no set times students need to log on. Students can log on each week at the times most convenient to them.


    • Dr. John Gresham, Executive Director of the Institute for Catholic Studies and Formation
    • Anne Chrzan, Diocesan Director of Religious Education, Diocese of Venice Florida
    • Joshua Mazrin, Director of Evangelization, Diocese of Venice Florida

Course Schedule

    • Welcome Module: Introduction and Orientation (available upon registration)
    • Week 1 – Catechesis at the Service of the New Evangelization – April 19-25
    • Week 2- Kerygmatic (gospel-centered) Catechesis - April 26-May 2
    • Week 3 - Catechetical Process and Methodology - May 3- 9
    • Week 4 - Persons and Communities in Catechesis - May 10-16
    • Week 5 - Catechesis and Cultural Context - May 17- 23
    • Week 6 -  Conclusion and Implementation – May 24-30



There is a $25 course fee. Pay online when you register.